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Open Education System

Open education system

Assiut University launched an open education system in 23/21/1991. This came in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 129, which includes the approval to start the establishment of an open education system for the Faculty of Commerce.

The aim of this open education system at the university is to enable students who have missed an opportunity to join college and obtain a college degree. This applies in different ways than those available to regular program students.

The methods of the open education system are based on self-education and this is done under the guidance of colleges that offer this special type of education. Specific Education College (Department of Musical Education)

Why students choose an open education system?

  • It allows students to study and work together, as there is the possibility to choose the subjects that the student wants to study each year.
  • It allows students to learn by using various telemedic media, for example: college textbooks, audio clips, and videos.
  •  Weekly meetings are held between members of the instructor to guide and guide students.

Application requirements:

  • High school certificate or its equivalent.
  • The student should not have passed the 5-year high school completion certificate.

Services and educational aids

The student (Egyptian nationality) pays 35 pounds per hour in exchange for educational services and means. While non-Egyptian students, they pay $ 50 or the equivalent in Egyptian pounds.
For exam fees, students pay a minimum of 40 pounds and a maximum of 100 pounds. In addition, students pay 15 pounds for each subject they fail, and for non-Egyptians, they pay in dollars for the equivalent in Egyptian pounds.
In the event that the student is exempted from a subject he has previously passed, he will pay 20 pounds for each subject.
Study system

The educational process in the open education system is based on the number of credit hours per subject per semester.
Each student is free to choose a minimum of three subjects per semester and a maximum of eight subjects per semester.
Subjects are divided into compulsory subjects and electives.

Examination system

The written exams are at the end of each semester.
Duration of the exam: two hours.
Students graduate in January and July every year.
The student is transferred from one academic year to another upon completion of exams and passing them or failing a maximum of two subjects.