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Postgraduates and Research Sector

Postgraduates and Research Sector


It is one of the main sectors in Assiut University that aims to provide the needed guidance to support postgraduates study and research in the university. The sector works under the supervision of the professor Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs in cooperation with the faculty deans and members of the faculty to ease the process of providing the post graduate students with special educational services and a suitable environment for research to produce strong and creative researches that leads to professional and educational progress through coordinating efforts to provide scholarships, grants, and scientific assignments. In addition to holding scientific conferences to encourage scientific publishing and applied projects.

Moreover, the sector contributes to achieve the faculty’s mission through international agreements that aim to provide access to scientific developments through a system of high-tech libraries. The sector also undertakes improving and establishing centers for top students in addition to the research units in order to encourage the research activities of the faculty members to achieve the university's mission in the field of scientific research as well as introducing new and different post-graduate programs in the field of community service


Achieving a pioneering role among the universities.


Carrying out scientific research to keep abreast of local, regional, and international changes that occur in all areas of education, scientific research, and society development at an international level, while deepening professional values and ethics.


  • To encourage, support, and develop innovation and scientific research activities.
  • To develop external connections with industry partnerships and monitoring research growth.
  • To develop university advisory council.

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A Word from the university's Vice President. 

Assuit University is aware of the challenges that may face our beloved country. These challenges can’t be faced without our potent and swift weapon: science and scientists. It’s the weapon used in building nations. Therefore, the postgraduates and research sector in the university seeks all patriotism and sincerity in the leadership of the locomotive of scientific and research work based on creativity and innovation, not on traditional stereotypical methods, supported by the advanced scientific capabilities possessed by Assiut University and distinguished human cadres in all fields that needs only a suitable environment to work in a fruitful and effective manner and to draw a clear-cut strategy to pave the way for them.

Consequently, the graduate studies and research sector was keen on issuing a series of various books that aim at clarifying the university's strategy during the current and future period in the light of its endeavors to develop work tools in each sector separately. All of these factors unit to achieve the scientific and societal role of the University of Assiut, as it is eager to play the role entrusted to it to contribute to achieving sustainable development and setting its advanced capabilities and long history in the service of the country and solving its problems as well as advancing it to reach the ranks of the developed country.

We are here to let the word science remain high and honest and the eminent Egyptian scientists the keepers of knowledge, enlightenment, and progress for our beloved Egypt. We work together to preserve our ancient institution and our distinguished role among scientific institutions in the Arab and foreign world.

May God grant us all the success.

Prof/Gamal Badr

Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research.

DR Ahmed