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Cancer Institute Library


Cancer Institute Library  

Library message:

The library is concerned with collecting, organizing and transferring information sources in the field of oncology; In addition to facilitating researchers' access to these resources with minimal time and effort by organizing and providing the required information, the library creates a supportive and calm atmosphere that helps people study and research.

Library view:

We develop, organize, provide access and preserve materials to meet the needs of researchers in order to achieve the goals of the Oncology Institute at Assiut University. In addition to providing a well-equipped practical field for researchers to enhance their reading and research skills.

strategic goals:

Gather as much as possible from specialized sources in the field of oncology such as books and laser discs to expand and increase knowledge in the least possible time.
Focus on providing a unique and efficient experience for all researchers who use the library's resources, both physically and online.
Connecting with internal and external information networks to link researchers to the oldest specialized information and enable them to access it anywhere and anytime.
Provide a wide range of information services to researchers in the field of related oncology such as reading, borrowing, and reference services