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# العنوان القسم سنة البحث
1 Board gender diversity and earnings management: what difference does gender quota legislation make in emerging market? قسم المحاسبة 25/8/2023
2 Determinants of Corporate COVID-19 Narrative Reporting: Evidence from an Emerging Market قسم المحاسبة 2024
3 Purchasing managers' supplier selection decision: environmental influences on choice قسم الإحصاء والرياضة والتأمين 2023
4 Semiparametric Permutation-Based Change Point Detection with an Application on Chicago Cardiovascular Mortality Data قسم الإحصاء والرياضة والتأمين 2022
5 Using an adaptive network‐based fuzzy inference system model to predict the loss ratio of petroleum insurance in Egypt قسم الإحصاء والرياضة والتأمين 2022
6 The Materiality of Corporate Governance Report Disclosures: Investigating the Perceptions of External Auditors working in Egypt قسم المحاسبة 2022
7 Banks' concurrent risks during the COVID-19 pandemic: A road map for risk officers and risk management قسم المحاسبة 2022
8 Predicting Insolvency of Insurance Companies in Egyptian Market Using Bagging and Boosting Ensemble Techniques قسم الإحصاء والرياضة والتأمين 2022
9 Outsourcing insurance in the time of COVID-19: The cyber risk dilemma قسم المحاسبة 2022
10 An institutional analysis of the risk management process during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from an emerging market قسم المحاسبة 2022