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Department of Accounting

Diploma of Advanced Professional Studies in Accounting.

Postgraduate Accounting Diploma in

  • Cost Accounting.
  • Auditing and Taxation
  • Accounting and Financial Control.
  • Managerial Accounting and Costs

Diploma in Business Administration

  • Marketing.
  • Hospital Management.
  • Crisis Management in Business Organizations.
  • Administration development.

Diploma in Economics and Public Finance

  • Advanced Professional Studies in Economics
  • Financial Markets and Stock exchange Economics
  • Economics of Information and Communication
  • Economics of Human Development

Department of Statics, Mathematics, and Insurance Diplomas:

  • Professional Qualifying Diploma

Postgraduate Diploma:

  • Diploma in Personal Insurance
  • Diploma of General Insurance
  • Diploma of Social Insurance

Department of Political Science and Public Administration Diploma in

  • Local Administration
  • Political Studies
  • Public Policies
  • International Negotiations
  • International Crisis Analysis
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

First Diploma of Advanced Professional Studies:

A Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or its equivalent.

Second: Postgraduate Diploma:

  1. The student who has successfully completed all preparatory study courses.
  2.  A Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in the chosen specialized field


The maximum time for studying diploma is two years

For more information about postgraduate studies, please check our postgraduate program handbook