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Political science Department assiut

 We are preparing students for various fields in political science, where our academic experts develop political insights and engage students in the process. We also host and organize conferences and scientific seminars locally, regionally, and internationally. By choosing to study political science, the student is embarking on a new and exciting academic journey that will not only enrich their knowledge, but will also support their growth and development.

The Department of Political Science is to prepare and rehabilitate students in the various fields of political science, follow up on political phenomena and their developments, and provide them with appropriate opportunities to combine theory and practice through the papers and research they are tasked with preparing that are concerned with events on the national, regional, and international scene and Scientific studies that contribute to achieving political and social development and presenting suggestions for various current political issues. The department's mission is also limited to strengthening the scientific and cultural ties between colleges and local and Arab authorities in particular and foreign parties in general, and working on hosting conferences and scientific seminars that are held locally and internationally in the field of political science. 

The department aims to observe scientific standards to ensure the quality of performance and to guarantee the creation of psychological, scientific and cultural environments appropriate for students, in addition to the use of the best scientific methods to communicate information to them.