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Welcome Alumni



As a former student, you are part of OVER 100,000 members of the AUN alumni community. 

The faculty of Arts at AUN also has its own alumni program, which provides specific benefits and services to former Arts graduates.

Welcome to a remarkable, administrative division in the faculty of Arts that is related to the department of student Affairs; This department aims to help further the goals of the university.

This department is responsible for dealing with all graduates. Then, Student affairs is responsible for following up on graduates’ affairs  and managing all the procedures required after completing his or her studies like certificate issuance.

This department is charged with qualifying our graduates for the labor market and preparing multiple programs that raise their educational level and knowledge. We aim to monitor the labor market through our graduates in order to know what academic programs are needed for practical reality through the field of the community service sector and environmental development

Moreover, the Alumni has an effective role in following up with  graduates in all departments, directing them to the labor market, and coordinating with their work entities to improve and ensure the quality of education received to suit the requirements of the labor market  as well as  to achieve the faculty’s  mission and strategic goals.


The Alumni Works to create a link between the faculty and its graduates by

  • Following-up with its graduates to enhance aspects of scientific excellence and try to eliminate any weaknesses among AUN graduates.
  • Creating a kind of interconnection between all faculty’s graduates by creating a scheduled meeting between them.
  • Finding job opportunities for our graduates in the public and private sectors.
  • Working to provide a report for the departments of the faculty derived from reality, through which the efficiency of graduates in their workplaces is identified in order to enhance the quality of education.