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عدد الأخبار: 1334
Invitation to attend a doctoral thesis defense session in the Department of Archeology
Invitation to attend a master's thesis discussion session in the Department of Sociology
Under the auspices of the Supreme Council of Universities and in cooperation with Microsoft and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Moamen Taha El-Meligy, Executive Director of Assiut University…
​With the passage of time you think about developing your skills and making a CV and you don't know where to start or where to take your courses and you are afraid to go to an unsupported place…
Congratulations to Dr. Essam Adel in the Department of Geography for his promotion
Prof. Dr. Dean of the Faculty invites college students to attend the closing ceremony of student activities Tuesday, 9/5/2023 at ten in the morning Amphitheater Prof. Dr. Suleiman Hazeen
Important Notice for College Students
Important announcement for college students
Invitation to attend a workshop on the national strategy for higher education at the Nile Center for Enlightenment and Civilization Radiation
Consolation is a duty Prof. Dr. Magdy Alwan, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, mourns the death of the late mother-in-law of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zayed, Head of the Department of Geography, asking God to bless…
The Faculty of Arts participates in the Forum of Young Faculty Members at the Institute for Leadership Development in Helwan Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Minshawy, President of…
Sports festival at the Faculty of Arts