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About Faculty Of Education


Welcome to Faculty of Education

Faculty Vision

To become a leader in the fields of education, learning, scientific research and service of the community regionally and globally.

Faculty Mission

To advance the role of education in the well-being of people and communities. The faculty of Education is qualified to keep updated with the technological development and the modern trends in teaching and learning. It upgrades the programs, develops and implements research and training programs that develop knowledge.

Faculty’s objectives:

Faculty of Education, Assiut University with its two stages, the Bachelor degree and the postgraduate studies aims to:

  • Present high quality, distinctive studying programs that conform to the development in various applied, theoretical, social, and human science fields.
  • Present creative teachers qualified to compete in the labor market.
  • Develop graduate studies and excellence in educational research.
  • Enhance the Environmental Affairs and Community Services.
  • Ensure the quality of education and the accreditation and continuous development of the faculty.
  • Develop the administrative system in the faculty.

Consolidate of university values.

Growth and Expansion

  • The number of graduates in 1960/1961 was Six.
  • In 1960/1961, the faculty included only three branches; now the number of branches is fourteen.
  • Expansion was done in establishing new branches, lecture rooms, and laboratories in the faculty through the project of developing colleges of education and competitiveness projects.


Values & Goals

Education Faculty at AUN aims To

Values and principles of the faculty of Education

  1. Excellence and competitiveness in programs and services locally and regionally.
  2. Continuous improvement and progress.
  3. To acquire good thinking skills.
  4. Faith in cooperation and leadership.
  5. Adopt best practices.
  6. Capacity development for all employees.
  7. Activate ICTs and education.
  8. Adhering to the ethics of the profession and scientific research.
  9. Community responsibility and community needs.
  10. Strengthen citizenship values.




  • In 1957, the Ministry of Education established two colleges, one for male teachers in Assiut and the other for female teachers in El- Minya in order to prepare teachers in science, mathematics, English, and French.
  • Then, in 1961 the two faculties were affiliated with to the Ministry of Higher Education until 1966 and then to Assiut University under the name of Teacher College according to Presidential Decree No. 3123 issued in August 1966.
  • In 1970, the Supreme Council decided to change the name of teacher's faculty in Assuit University to the name of "The Faculty of Education" and it was located in Elgomhorya Street (now Faculty of Social Work).
  • The faculty of Education moved out to its new headquarters in Assiut University since 1992.
  • Later, Expansion was done in establishing new branches, lecture rooms, and laboratories in the faculty through the project of developing colleges of education.