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Center of Psychological and Guidance

Center of Psychological and Guidance

Center’s director's word

The Board of Directors of the Center for Psychological and Educational Counseling at the Faculty of Education, Assiut University, is pleased to be at the faculty’s web page. Here, we present the center’s comprehensive vision and its prominent activities and services. Through our hard work, the center occupied a pioneering position, according to the specific professional criteria of psychology. Lately, the center took strong steps to activate its practice. As the performance was improved and a matrix of training courses and certificates granted to the trainee were developed, and efforts were intensified to issue a scientific journal specialized in the field of psychological and educational counseling for everyone, especially people with special needs.


   The psychological and educational guidance center is a pioneering center at the local and regional levels. It provides services, psychological and educational advices for everyone, including students with special needs.


  The psychological and educational guidance center aims at providing mental support for individuals inside and outside the faculty through training and counseling programs, psychological, and educational counseling in all the psychological, research, social fields in order to fulfill the community needs for everyone.

Center’s history

     The center was established by the decision of the university council, after the approval the Universities Higher-Council, as a special unit. It follows the provisions of the Universities Organization Law in Egypt No. (49) issued in 1972 and its executive regulations.
We believe that the center has and effective role in community service and environmental development, and that it is a fortress of knowledge. Therefore, the Psychological and Educational Counseling Center was inaugurated on 5/1/2007. It’s specialized in providing guidance and psychological counseling services for all ages and different groups of society
It also provides training services for psychologists, social workers, teachers, and researchers - and educational statistical treatment of scientific research - and joins the efforts of researchers in a scientific journal. It also provides seminars and scientific local and Arab conferences.

Center’s activities

  1. Psychological guidance content
  2. Educational guidance (psychological meter) content
  3. Training content
  4. Awareness and media content
  5. Library content
  6. Statistical treatments for master's and doctoral theses content.
  7. Arbitration of masters and doctoral theses content.

The organizational structure of the center

Objectives and Services

  •  Providing psychological, social, and administrative instructions to community institutions.
  • Providing counseling and psychological counseling services, whether therapeutic, educational, marital, familial, or youth counseling, whether for everyone, especially people with special needs.
  • Providing psychological, professional, and administrative counseling services, especially for the cases with behavioral disorders that hinder them from psychological and professional adjustment.
  • Providing training programs for psychologists, social workers, teachers, and researchers in the field of special education and those who work with students.
  • Holding training courses and programs in managing professional and psychological rehabilitation for workers in various professional fields to qualify their employees and increase their professional competence.
  • Preparing counseling programs for young people inside and outside the university aimed at protecting them from destructive intellectual currents and behavioral deviations.
  • Holding local, Arab, and international scientific seminars and conferences. Conducting studies and research in the field of psychological counseling.
  • Issuing a scientific journal for educational and psychological counseling at the Faculty of Education.
  • Center activities

Contact Us

Assiut University- Faculty of Education- Lecture Halls

External phone: 088-2423946

Internal phone: 4651

Fax number: 088-2343706