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Responsibilities and Support

Responsibilities and Support 

Our activities

What alumni association do?

  • Improving our alumni skills and encouraging innovation.
  • Strengthening ethical and cultural values and deepening the national belonging.
  • Implementing awareness programs that prevents our alumni from toxic ideologies.
  • Training and qualifying our students to carry out community service work.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, and training programs for our members.
  • Providing social and cultural services for the children of the association.
  • Issuing periodicals and magazines of all kinds to serve the members of the Association, after the approval of the competent authorities.
  • Announcing the different jobs available at the current graduates of the faculty, which are appropriate to their qualifications through the various advertising channels.

What is alumni association duties?

  • Drawing a guide and plan for the association.
  • Communicating with graduates who have been employed, and following up to evaluate their job performance, and encouraging them to share their experience with other graduates.
  • Creating a database for institutions (such as government / private schools / companies / employment companies) related to graduates.
  • Preparing graduates for the labor market by raising their efficiency and developing their skills through a set of a distinguished training programs.
  • Following up with the training, qualifying courses, and preparing output reports.
  • Informing our graduates with the updates regarding the academic and research aspects within the college.
  • Strengthening the relationship with graduates to share their experiences and their opinion in developing academic, research and training plans in the faculty.
  • Measuring the attitudes of business owners towards university graduates
  • Preparing annual report.
  • Publishing periodic and non-periodic reports to inform graduates of developments and trends in their specialization.
  • Building a software database for college graduates in coordination with the college’s graduate office.
  • Conducting surveys to measure the suitability of educational programs for the needs of the labor market.
  • Conducting studies that explain how to improve your skills and draw your career path to the faculty graduates.
  • Coordinating with training centers inside and outside the university to improve our faculty graduates and prepare them for the labor market.
  • Making field visits to graduates in their workplaces to measure their performance and training needs.
  • Measuring the satisfaction of business owners from our graduates and figuring out their needs and coordinating between them and graduates to provide a job-related services.
  • Organizing an annual day for graduates and holding regular meetings for them at the faculty.
  • Measuring our graduates' satisfaction from the faculty and taking their opinion on how to improve.
  • Consistently announcing for new jobs available
  • Helping graduates to get the appropriate job for their major.

Graduates’ Guide 

  1. How could I receive a temporary certificate for abroad purposes?  your guide 

     2. How could i get a temporary/permanent certificate to purposes inside the Arab Republic of Egypt?  your guide 

      3. How do i make a request for temporary graduation certificate and certificate of appreciation in both languages Arabic

          and English?  your guide 

      4. Your guide to receive a statement for your grades  your guide 

      5. What is the cost of a replacement of a damaged certificate?  your guide 

      6. My certificate has been lost or stolen, can i get a replacement?  your guide 

  1. For a certificate of good conduct  your guide 
  2. For a temporary certificate  your guide 
  3. To issue a graduation certificate  your guide 
  4. Receiving a certificate  your guide