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Adult Education Center

Adult Education Center


To provide continuing education to increase the adult’s literacy and life skills so they can be up to date with the community as well as the market.


To prepare for significant recovery through the provision of high quality education which focuses on the academic skills, life, jobs, parenthood, and the environment in order to make people more successful and efficient in society.


Within the context of the rules, regulations, and decisions that control it, the purpose of the Center is:

  1. To assist adults in resolving financial, familial, and career problems through the study of learning strategies focused on the needs, concerns, and problems of society.
  2. To address the needs of adult illiterate individuals by coordinating literacy classes inside and outside the university.
  3. To provide opportunities for continuing education and training that enhance social stability and equity as well as activating citizenship in line with the principle of lifelong learning.
  4. To encourage adults to participate in a knowledge-based society through education initiatives and providing them with the requisite support services for literacy in their families and nurturing their children.
  5. To establish collaborative ties with local, national, and global adult education organizations to pursue joint ventures and to recognize and benefit from contemporary global trends.
  6. To prepare the database and information on adult education for the benefit of those working in the areas of concern of the center.
  7. To offer the administrative and professional guidance in different areas of human development.
  8. To conduct conferences, lectures, and academic workshops to address and research the most critical topics of adult education and its problems.
  9. To publish the Journal of Adult Education, which deals with the dissemination of regional, national, and global studies and research.
  10. To provide adults with the life skills required for modern variables.

Conferences and Seminars

Manager of the Center

Reference terms of the director of the center:

The Manager of the Center shall have the following tasks as follows:

  1. Supervising the scientific, financial, and administrative operation of the Center.
  2. Preparing quarterly reports on the operations of the center.
  3. Giving rewards and bonuses to the board of directors and employees of the organization.
  4. Supervising the preparation of the draft annual budget, final accounts, and the financial position of the Center for the preliminary work of the competent authorities.
  5. Following-up on the execution of the decisions of the Board of Governors with a view to achieve effective results.
  6. Engaging in scientific conferences or other relevant operation.
  7. Approving administrative documents for disbursement.
  8. Writing contracts covering the care of third parties by the Center and their submission to the Chairman of the Board of Directors for approval.

Other authority delegated by the President of the Board of Directors.

training courses

Contact with the Center

Internal: 5274

Mobile: 01015301936


Faculty of Education-Faculty Staff Member Building-First Floor\

For more details regarding the Adult Education Center, please visit this link