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# العنوان القسم سنة البحث
1 Creep Rupture Strength of GFRP Bars in Alkaline Concrete Environment Under Elevated Temperature قسم الهندسة المدنية 2023
2 Comparative Study of Using Displacement Influence Lines and Their Derivatives for Structural Damage Identification قسم الهندسة المدنية 2023
3 Utilization of triply periodic minimal surfaces for performance enhancement of adsorption cooling systems: Computational fluid dynamics analysis قسم هندسة القوى الميكانيكية 2023
4 Techno-Environmental Assessment of Insulation Materials in Saudi Arabia: Integrating Thermal Performance and LCA قسم الهندسة المعمارية 2023
5 Evaluation Of Physical-Rheological Properties of Nano Titanium Dioxide Modified Asphalt Binder and Rutting Resistance of Modified Mixture قسم الهندسة المدنية 2023
6 Response modification factor evaluation for vertically irregular MRF buildings قسم الهندسة المدنية 2023
7 Performance evaluation of direct and indirect thermal regulation of low concentrated (via compound parabolic collector) solar panel using phase change material-flat heat pipe cooling system قسم هندسة القوى الميكانيكية 2023
8 Field Measurements and Human Perception to Remediate Noise Pollution in the Urban Public Parks in Saudi Arabia قسم الهندسة المعمارية 2023
9 Performance Grade of Asphalt Binder Modified with Waste Plastic and Rubber قسم الهندسة المدنية 2023
10 Numerical investigation of the air conditioning system performance assisted with energy storage of capsulated concave/convex phase change material قسم هندسة القوى الميكانيكية 2023