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Department of Pediatrics

Speech of the Head of the Department of Pediatrics 

Praise be to God, Lord of the World, and blessings and peace be upon the one who was sent as a mercy to the world, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions as a whole.

On behalf of my colleagues, members of the Pediatric Nursing Department at the College of Nursing, we welcome you, and we hope that this window will give you more information about our department and college.

Based on awareness of the importance of the nursing profession in society, and in fulfillment of the mission of the College of Nursing in graduating distinguished cadres who contribute to the process of development and construction in our beloved Egypt. The Pediatric Nursing Department is committed to using modern concepts of quality in academic work. It aims to provide graduates with practical and cognitive skills that help them to be excellent in the market working through the use of modern technologies and various learning resources, and research projects for  faculty members, and encouraging students to acquire new knowledge in basic sciences, applied and clinical sciences. The department has an expert group of faculty members seeking to develop the department to ensure its quality and the quality of its outputs. We aspire to contribute in being the best nursing college at the local, regional and global level.

Department's Mission

Preparing qualified postgraduate graduates equipped with the scientific knowledge and training in the skills required in the field of pediatric nursing to provide integrated nursing care for the child, whether preventive, curative or rehabilitative, and work on continuous enlightened development in educational process and follow up health care needs in the community and also work to gain community confidence through the use of the human faculty resources and research potential in pediatric nursing to solve health problems associated with children.

Our vision

Pediatric Nursing  Department seeks to improve the health care of the child (from birth to adolescence) and respond to the needs of the society and to be effective with the scientific and technical development in the field of pediatric nursing through specialized studying and training programs that keep pace with local and international academic standards to graduate a post graduate student to obtain Master's and doctoral degrees as well as scientific and professional qualifications capable of competing in the work market.

Department Philosophy

     The department's philosophy depends on the awareness and beliefs of the faculty members and their assistants in how to achieve the vision, mission and strategic goals of the department through developing their skills and preparing training programs to develop scientific and laboratory skills in the field of pediatric nursing

About Department


An overview of the pediatric nursing department

The pediatric nursing department was established with the beginning of the establishment of the High Nursing Institute, Assiut University in 1982 and the department was under the supervision of the faculty dean at this time until the end of 2001. From 15/1/2002 to 25/10/2008, the department was under the supervision of Prof. Awatef Al-Sayed Ahmed, who graduated from the High Nursing Institute, Alexandria University in 1982 and who obtained a professor's degree in 2007,

The department was under the supervision of Prof. Fathia Zaki Mohamed (Acting the head of the department) in the period from 11/11/2008 to 26/8/2017, who graduated from the Faculty of Nursing Assiut University in 1987 and who obtained a professor's degree in 2020.

From the period of 27/8/2017 until now, the department came under the supervision of Prof. Eman Sayed Ahmed, who graduated from the Faculty of Nursing, Assiut University in 1993, and who obtained a professor's degree in 2017.

The department includes (27 teaching staff members and their assistant) four professors, one a full-time professor, five assistant professors, and two full-time assistant professors, and the department also includes seven lecturers   , four assistant lecturers and four administrators. The department teaches pediatric nursing course to third-year students of the college, as well as the course of modern theories and trends in nursing for third-year students, a modern list, and fourth-year students, an old list.

Department objectives:

  1. Contribute to preparing a qualified graduate who is able to meet the growing health needs of children
  2. Keeping with quality standards in nursing for premature babies and children
  3. Consistency in updating the curriculum of children's nursing
  4. Students gain the highest level of information in the growth and development of the child's early  life cycle
  5. Improve the efficiency of students in providing nursing care for children.
  6. Provide students with information and skills to take care of children's health and prevent disease.

Historical notes

The Department of Children’s Nursing was established at the beginning of the establishment of the Higher Institute of Nursing by Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1142 of 1982, and study began in the academic year 1982/1983