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Department of Administrating Nursing Services

Department Mission

We are looking forward to build management and leadership skills for undergraduates and postgraduates to improve health services in various health care fields by adopting academic standards for professional practice and scientific research for community services in a framework of transparency, objectivity, and fairness to prepare our students for the competitive needs of the labor market.

Department Vision

To achieve excellency in the field of management and leadership among the various national departments of nursing administration.


About Department

Department Objectives

  1. Develop and update educational courses according to academic national reference standards for Quality assurance and Accreditation.
  2. Develop teaching process in the field of nursing administration.
  3. Improve teaching staff in the field of scientific research and teaching and learning strategies.
  4. Offering scientific degree (diploma-masters-doctorate).
  5. Develop leadership and management skills for nurse leaders in different health care areas.
  6. Develop leadership and management skills for PRHO students.
  7. Utilize all the  available resources.