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Department of public health

We provide health services to all segments of the society by providing health education for the individual, family, and community to preserve health and prevent disease spread by applying different levels of health care, as well as early detection of diseases and reducing complications, and also includes vocational and psychological preparation; In addition to, conducting scientific research based on urgent future global health needs.

Our vision

Preparing students who are able to deal with the family as one integrated unit and taking into consideration different aging groups in society and also achieving the highest level of efficiency in planning and implementation of research plans and project financing.

About Department

Department Objectives

  1.  Presenting high quality education to students in the field of community health nursing using the most modern teaching techniques.
  2.  Providing the community with leadership cadres and qualified graduates in a comprehensive field to meet health care needs.
  3.  Developing a research plan according to the needs of the local community and urgent health issues.
  4.  Offering health education to all segments of society to increase health awareness.
  5.  Cooperation with governmental and non-governmental bodies to meet social health care needs.