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Department of Psychiatric


To provide scientific, clinical and professional expertise that qualifies undergraduate and graduate students to achieve high standards of performance in line with scientific and service developments in the various mental health fields.


We are looking forward to preparing graduates who are scientifically and professionally qualified and capable of providing care to psychiatric patients in various fields and using the evidence-based research in line with the clinical and societal needs.

About Department


  1. Develop an operational plan for the department in line with the mission of the Department and the Faculty.
  2. Develop an action plan to achieve a comprehensive quality system within the department.
  3. Update the research plan of the department in line with the research plan of the college and the needs of the community.
  4. Strengthening scientific and research partnerships with health institutions related to mental health.
  5. Developing and raising the abilities and skills of faculty members and the supporting departments through participating in training courses, workshops and seminars in the field of specialization and the educational process.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Equipping students with the necessary information, skills, and attitudes that contribute to the promotion of mental health concepts.
  2. Practical training in mental health hospitals that allow the provision of practical skills in the following areas:
  • Psychiatric care for psychiatric patients and their families.
  • Psychological care for addicts.
  • Training in the use of communication skills with mental patients.

      3. Encouraging postgraduate students to use and apply the technological skills and other skills necessary to develop the patient treatment service and to develop the services of education, scientific research, and postgraduate studies.