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Postgraduate Studies and Researches Affairs Sector

Postgraduate Studies and Researches Affairs Sector

Vice-Dean for Postgraduate studies and Researches Affairs word

Prof. Hassan Abdel Shafiq Hassan Jad-Allah

I am pleased to welcome our website visitors. The Faculty of Arts, Assiut University, is one of the main pillars in developing the Egyptian society. We work on establishing high levels of teaching and research in the fields of humanities, in which we achieved a huge success. On the side of the graduate studies, the Faculty grants masters and doctorate degrees in thirteen human sciences branches, which makes it one of the largest national academic institutions in terms of richness and scientific diversity.

We were the first accredited Faculty by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education among various Faculties’ of Arts in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which was not a surprise, as the Faculty is well equipped with the necessary means for research and teaching, not to forget the faculty's qualified staff.

Since I took over the Deanship for Postgraduate Studies, there has been constant concerns regarding continuous development, and one of the manifestations of this development is the creation of a page for communication between the Faculty’s administration and all graduate students on Facebook on the following link: Postgraduate Studies in Assiut Literature (, where new decisions and instructions directed to students by the Office of the Vice President or other professors are posted. Another aspect of the development is preparing an international numbering for the scientific journal of the Faculty and publishing its numbers on the Faculty’s website. We are now in the process of amending the Faculty’s graduate studies regulations to make all its programs follow the credit hour system.

One of our main goals is to continue our work in creating a welcoming environment for graduate students to help them during their study and research. You can browse our website for more information, and you are welcome to contact us anytime.