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Libraries, documentation and information

Department's Mission:

The Department of Libraries, documentation, and information at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Assiut is a distinguished scientific center for qualifying human cadres in office, documentary, and information services. It supports the foundations of applied scientific research to serve the local community, to develop the environment, and to open channels for communication within the developed world in the field of libraries, documents and information.

Department’s Vision

Department of Libraries, Documentation, and Information is one of the specialized departments in the Faculty of Arts - Assiut University, and it works on:

  • Qualifying human resources in the field of libraries, documents and information in a manner that ensures being up to date with global trends and meeting national needs in these areas.
  • Developing knowledge and supporting the foundations of scientific research in the three disciplines of the department.
  • Contributing to serve the local community and develop the environment by providing advice and organizing training courses to achieve professional development for workers in the field of libraries and organizing information.

Department goals:

1- Prepare qualified graduates for the labor market through training courses, workshops, and field training in various information institutions.

2- Prepare scientific research and scientific theses (Master's-PhD) in the various disciplines of the department.

3- Provide the society with Community service in the governorate of Assiut and the neighboring governorates through workshops and training courses for librarians and information specialists.

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