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Apply to study in the faculty of Arts

Apply to study in the faculty of Arts

Come and see what does the faculty of Arts offers during AUN’s open day or contact the faculty to arrange a visit. Undergraduate admission differs depending on whether you are a high school student or whether you want to transfer from another university to AUN.

It is widely acknowledged that the transition from school to University is significant – the quantity of work, the pace at which material is covered and the conceptual complexity are all greater than students have experienced at school. Our experience has shown that many first-year students can overcome the difficult transition from high school to University by receiving a reduced learning load in their first year and by spreading the curriculum over a four year period. Therefore, we structured an EDP so that students entering the program will receive additional academic and general support to establish a sound educational foundation and improve their chances of graduating within the four years allocated.

For undergraduates:

To qualify for admission, applicants must complete all secondary school graduation requirements and submit all required documents before the set deadlines. Here are the  papers required to join the faculty of Arts at AUN:

  1. Original Thanaweyya Amma Certificate or certified original “مستخرج رسمي”.
  2. Original Birth Certificate.
  3. 11 passport size recent, personal photos.
  4. The original military ID for male students who are above 19 years (Namouzag 6 Gond).
  5. Military Service Form (Namouzag 2 Gond),  for Egyptian male students only.
  6. A copy of the students’ ID card.
  7. A Medical report stamped by the Medical sector of Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.

       The student must fill this application form and submit it before the due date.