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Why study Arts at AUN

Why study arts

Why Study Arts at AUN?

Choosing which university you want to study in is as hard as choosing your major; therefore, we will help you by providing you with some reasons why you should choose Arts at Assiut University.

  • We present high quality, distinctive studying programs that conform to the development in various applied, theoretical, social, and human science fields.
  • We present distinctive postgraduate programs that contribute to developing the society, qualifying the researchers, and developing their methodological, intellectual, and critical abilities. 
  • We present research and advisory services related to social sciences and humanities, as well as, prepare distinctive and qualified graduates who are specialized in the human sciences and who are capable of innovation, improvement, and application to conform to the great changes in the various fields.
  • We prepare distinguished, creative researchers who have the critical vision which enables them to do applied & creative theoretical research for the university and society services and promotes the creative and cultural thinking in the human sciences in both the university & society.