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Master Degree

Master degree

Master's Degree

What should I do to acquire a Master in Education? this is your ultimate guide to start your journey toward M.ED.

Educators who understand the challenges and opportunities facing today’s students are in high demand. A master’s degree can open many doors (a number of different career options) depending on one’s specialization. Below we will explain the terms and policies to hold M.ED. from the faculty of education at AUN

To apply for M.ED you should: 

  • Obtain a professional and a special diploma in education with GPA: C+
  • Practice the teaching profession for at least two years.


  • Educational Psychology
  • Curricula and teaching methods
  • Mental health
  • Principles of education
  • Comparative Education and schools administrations
  • Nurturing a child

Our studying system

  • Passing two year exams 
  • Recording a research topic
  • Prepare the thesis after at least one year from the date of approval of the College Council to register in accordance with the law and regulations.

Duration period

The period of study for obtaining a master’s Degree in education is three years unless the College Council decides to keep the registration for another period to be determined upon the proposal of the Thesis Supervising Committee and the Department Council.

For more information about postgraduates system, please download our system handbook  list graduates studies

For more information about enrollment terms you can download our guide  Enrollment terms