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Assiut University Hosts the First Scientific Hackathon for the Faculty of Computers and Information, Entitled "Programming Solutions to Address Community Problems in Order to Reach and Activate Sustainable Development Objectives."

Prof. Ahmed El Minshawy, President of Assiut University, emphasized the university administration's support and care for student activity and interest in positive student initiatives in various fields, praising the Faculty of Computers and Information as one of the university's leading faculties in this regard.

Dr. Tayseer Abdel Hamid, Dean of the Faculty, praised Assiut University's distinguished students who are innovators and geniuses, and their expertise and presentation of creative ideas aimed at providing innovative solutions in which students from all university faculties compete to present their creativity and innovations in order to achieve and activate the goals of sustainable development. She claimed that 53 teams from various faculties participated in the hackathon activities, with an average of 5 students in each team, including education, business, law, engineering, agriculture, social service, human medicine, science, nursing, and specific education.

Dr. Khaled Fathi, for his part, expressed his delight with this first scientific hackathon within the framework of Egypt 2030's National Strategy for Sustainable Development, which aims to change community behavior and spread awareness in life sciences, engineering sciences, and other fields, explaining that the College of Computers and Information uses all of its scientific and research capabilities to solve technological problems in Egypt and the Arab world, since it contains a sophisticated set of labs, centers, and libraries that ensure the highest quality of scientific and research services to qualify its graduates to compete in the job market.