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Postgraduate students



Diplomas are studies dealing with courses of practical or academic nature and their duration is limited to one year in colleges such as: Physical Education, Law, Science, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Agriculture, and Professional Diploma in Education and the General Diploma in Education for full-time graduates and some disciplines in the Faculty of Medicine in addition to other diplomas in medicine of the duration of one year and half.

There are also two-year diplomas in faculties such as: Commerce, Arts, Engineering, and the Institute of Research and Technology of Sugar industry.

Admission requirements:
Applicants are required to have got a bachelor's degree in the same specialization from an Egyptian university, or an equivalent degree from any academic institution recognized by the university.

2-Master's Degree (M. A. - M. Sc.)

Study for the Master’s Degree includes sophisticated courses and high training on the means of extrapolation and deduction of results of research. Afterwards, the candidate prepares a thesis which must be approved after a defense by a committee including the research advisor. The duration for granting the Master’s Degree must be no less than two years.
Admission for the Master’s Degree requires:
- The candidate must have got the Bachelor’s Degree with a General Grade of “Good” at least.
- The candidate must be a graduate of an Egyptian University or any other institution recognized by the university.
- The candidate is required to pursue a year of studies approved by the Faculty Council and passes the exams successfully.
- After passing the courses successfully, the candidate prepares a thesis on a topic recommended by the department council and approved by the Faculty Council.  

Postgraduate students

3 - Philosophy Doctor’s Degree (Ph. D.)

The Doctorate Degree is mainly based on original research for a period of no less than two years, culminating in the submission of a Dissertation approved by a committee after a defense. The candidate may be also required to pursue other advanced study as regulated by the Faculties internal bylaws.
Admission requirements include the following:
  • A Ph.D. candidate must have a Master's Degree in the major from an Egyptian university or an equivalent degree from another academic institution recognized by the university.
  • Must undertake innovative research in the subject approved by the Faculty Council and the University Council upon recommendation of the Department concerned. Studies and research are carried out for a period of at least two years.
  • After registration for the Degree, the candidate must stay in the Arab Republic of Egypt for a period of one year at least before submitting the dissertation to the Board of Examiners.
  • The candidate presents the results of the research in the dissertation and the dissertation must be approved by the Board of Examiners after a defense.  

4 - Honorary Doctorate Degree

The University grants the Honorary Doctorate Degree upon Resolution of the University Council or recommendation of Faculty Councils to persons of distinctive contribution and services to the University, State, or Humanity at large.