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On campus



Welcome to the Campus

Assuit University aims to provide entertainment, individual, and cultural activities for the University students. Besides normal courses, the University supports students’ activities in order to enrich the students’ talents and characters. Moreover, the campus is rich with libraries, sports clubs, and theaters to serve AUN students.



The University aims to occupy leisure time for students as well as develop the characteristics of cooperation and love among students during team work through activities and programs. The University holds a lot of matches and competitions among students during the academic year.


AUN campus contains 16 different sports clubs such as:

1-        Football stadium
2-        Open stadiums
3-        Olympic Village
4-        Olympic Swimming Complex
5-        Fitness center
6-        Collective sports schools
7-        Individual sports schools
8-        Squash halls
9-        Ground tennis complex 
10-        Aerobic halls
11-        Social Club Park
12-        Pioneer halls
13-        Events Hall
14-        Table tennis halls
15-        Tennis halls
16-        New Social Club Extension (Swimming Complex Terrace)


sports and socities

AUN Theater

Students can show their talents through the university’s theater. Assuit University contains theater for different artistic activities. The University aims to enhance students’ talents in acting, poetry, literature, criticism …. Etc.

The university theatre brought up students-driven performances. All of the performances are directed, designed and performed by students starting from reading workshops to the actual performance on stage. The university is eager to provide the ambitious students with all of the needed resources and audience, regardless of their major. The University Theater undertakes to develop artistic activities at the campus..

AUN Libraries


AUN Campus contains many libraries to serve students during their academic period as well as enhance their information by providing different sources. Each faculty has its own library for the undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Libraries offer a quiet place for students to study. The university is provided with 23 electronic libraries:

1- University Library
2-College of Science Library
3-College of Engineering Library
4-Library of the Faculty of Agriculture
5-Library of the College of Medicine
6-College of Pharmacy Library
7-Library of the College of Veterinary Medicine
8-College of Commerce Library
9-College of Education Library
10-Faculty of Law Library
11-Library of the College of Sports Education
12-College of Social Work Library
13-College of Education Library, New Valley
14-College of Arts Library
15-College of Nursing Library
16-Faculty of Computers and Information Library
17- Library of the Faculty of Specific Education
18-College of Dentistry Library
19-Southern Egypt Cancer Institute College Librarytest
20-Sugar Institute Studies and Research Library
21-Library of the Technical Institute of Nursing
22- Library of the Faculty of Agriculture, New Valley
23-Library of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, New Valley.