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Assiut University is keen to use workshops method in teaching and learning in order to improve the quality of education within the University.

From these workshops:

Workshops in the Faculty of Engineering:

    Since the establishment of the faculty in 1956 with an aim to make quality and industrial transformation in Upper Egypt, workshops in the faculty of Engineering train its students to work on new machines and new technology to achieve the university’s goal. The Faculty applied this method firstly, in the department of Mechanical Engineering by maintaining, repairing, and manufacturing complex machines within some factories. Moreover, the student will apply what is learned in the courses practically.

Workshops in the Faculty of Engineering have many sections:

  1. Workshop production.
  2. Education workshops.
  3. Workshop welding and blacksmithing.
  4. Plumbing Workshop.
  5. Foundry.
  6. Grinding workshop.
  7. Albarad Workshop.
  8. Precision equipment Workshop.
  9. Carpentry workshop.
  10. Painting Workshop.
  11. Metal plating Workshop.

For details about each section,”

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Achievements of the Faculty of Engineering workshops:

  1. Established laboratories, libraries, and meeting rooms and the services required for the Faculties ‘exams such as, tables and chairs.
  2.  Manufacturing research equipment for all degrees.
  3. Manufacturing spare parts and equipment required for various industries within Assiut city such as:

              - Spinning and weaving plants

              - Cement

              - Fertilizer

              - Petroleum refinery

              - The ministries of local government

              - Education and Health

  1. The implementation of the typical products for sale to customers inside and outside the University.
  2. Establishing League stadiums and its annexes.
  3. Carrying out the electrical maintenance of scientific tools, as well as wrapping and repairing electrical AMU to the University Faculties, its various administrations and the external actors.

Repair and maintenance of cooling and air conditioning devices within The University and the external actors.

Administration of Faculty of Engineering workshops

Workshops are administrate by run Board of Directors headed by Mr. Prof. Dr. / Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and general supervisor of the workshop of Faculty of Engineering Mr. Prof. Dr. / Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering. Board of Directors also includes two professors specializing in the production engineering and a professor of mechanical engineering disciplines other.