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Explore AUN

Explore AUN

Assiut University is a governmental university that mobilizes its capabilities and directs it to achieve its vision by providing the best quality education in the present and in the future. As well as preparing distinguished generations of graduates who can compete in the local and international labor markets, and to be qualified to excel in developing scientific research, technology and research programs, that contribute to the development of society within the framework of the university's ethics.

It aims to be the leader in the establishment of a society of knowledge.


  • Graduate innovative students who are capable of competing in the labor market.
  • Develop the postgraduate studies and research capacity of the University.
  • Empower the interrelation between the university and the community.
  • Create an Effective administrative organization.
  • Establish university values ​​and ethics.
  • Support and encourage the university faculties and institutes to apply accreditation.