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Social responsiveness

AUN is playing an effective role in serving the economy and society annually. This role diverse in different branches.

Assiut University serves IT centers by providing:

  1. Patent Unit
  2. Knowledge Transfer Unit
  3. Integrated Technology Transfer Unit
  4. Information, Documentation and Decision making Support
  5. Assuit University Network
  6. E-learning


Assuit University provides:

  1. Reconstructive Microsurgery Unit
  2. Drug Research Center
  3. Tissue Culture and Molecular Biology Laboratory

The University contains laboratories to serve agriculture:

  1. Food Product Laboratory
  2. Product Of Ornamental Plan Unit
  3. Poultry Production Unit
  4. Soil Laboratory for Analysis and Technical Consultations
  5. The Agriculture Extension and Rural Development Center

The University helps researches by providing:

  1. Assiut University Mycological Center
  2. The Molecular Biology Research Unit
  3. Center of Studies and Researches of Human Rights
  4. Center for South Valley Development
  5. The center of Educational and Psychological Researches
  6. The Genetic Engineering
  7. Future Studies
  8. Environmental Studies and Research Center
  9. Analytical Chemistry Unit
  10. Electron Microscope Unit

The University provides other services besides the main ones:

  1. Energy Management Center
  2. Project Management Unite
  3. Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center