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The Events of the Second National Student Conference, "Egypt Can with Its Students," a Student Vision to Generate Answers and Recommendations for Social Challenges, Come to an End at Assiut University.

Prof. Ahmed El Minshawy, President of Assiut University, reaffirmed the university administration's trust in the University Union's crucial function as a link between university students and other universities.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Mawli stated in his speech that the conference sessions resulted in a number of recommendations, the most important of which is the development of a training program for Egyptian university students to educate students about negative phenomena in Egyptian society and how to confront them, the deepening the societal culture against negative phenomena through the proper exploitation of soft power, the media and social communication, Raising awareness of reporting mechanisms and ways of documenting violations in cooperation with the relevant ministries, promoting awareness of the role of Egyptian universities and their instruments, as well as encouraging students to join in combating bad social problems and legal clinics investigating the inclusion of educational content within curriculum that incorporates moral values and principles of appropriate family relations for secondary and technical education, the use of platforms Official education to define the solid religious vision of family relationships and the dangers of drugs, as well as how to evaluate the choice of a life partner and the physiological and psychological differences between the sexes, using the media's role in combating undesirable societal problems, activating the role of student activities at universities on the relevance of divorce and conventional marital concerns, as well as the weaknesses of marriage Family relationships, narcotics, and wife violence, civil society engagement in educational institutions to fight undesirable societal issues, developing apps for Android and iPhone that give psychological and legal help to battered women and survivors of violence.