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Arts & Culture

culture activity

Cultural Activity Management


  • To be able to excel in presenting cultural projects and programs that develop and enhance the creative and spiritual thinking of the students.


  • Achieving cultural development for students through our objectives and goals


  • Developing cultural awareness among AUN students.
  • Discovering creative student talents in various fields
  • Releasing magazines and organizing lectures, seminars, workshops, meetings and various cultural gatherings.
  • Communicating with students to understand their perspectives on several community issues
  • Establishing values ​​through practicing different cultural activities
  • Spreading culture awareness in all fields.
  • Motivating students to participate in the area of literature and writing.
  • Supervising cultural and religious competitions
  • Holding seminars, conferences, and cultural/ religious gatherings with the aim of developing cultural and religious capabilities
  • Providing students with essential cultural information


Social Activity Management


  • Provide the students with activities to do in their free time
  • Solve the problems that students face
  • Enhance the students’ ability to work in teams
  • Provide a cooperation and interconnection within and outside the university.