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The President of Assiut University Delivers a Lecture on “Internationalization of Universities in Light of the National Strategy for Higher Education” during the Training Program to Qualify Professors Applying for the Position of College Dean

     Today, Thursday, November 16th, Prof. Ahmed Al-Minshawi, President of Assiut University, delivered a lecture about “The internationalization of universities in light of the national strategy for higher education,” in the training program specified to qualify professors applying for the position of “college dean”; which was organized by the University’s Faculty and Leadership Development Center from 14 to 16 November.

    During his lecture, Prof. Ahmed Al-Minshawi presented the university’s vision that follows the footsteps of the National Strategy for Higher Education and Scientific Research 2023, launched by Prof. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research; and it aims to improve the quality of higher education, scientific research and its applications in a way that serves the state’s vision and plans to achieve sustainable development.

   Prof. Al-Minshawi’s lecture included four main axes: Assiut University and the Regional Alliance, the strategies of Assiut University, the achievements of Assiut University, and the initiatives of Assiut University. He presented the seven principles included in the National Strategy for Higher Education 2023, which are: integration, interdisciplinarity, communication, effective participation, sustainability, international reference, leadership and creativity.

   Prof. Al-Minshawi concluded his lecture by confirming his full support for the internationalization of higher education experience to make its quality reaches international levels through establishing more branches of international universities in Egypt.

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