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The President of Assiut University Witnesses the Closing Ceremony of the Summer Training for University Students at the Institute of Information Technology

Prof. Al-Minshawi states: "The celebration is the culmination of the Institute’s efforts to develop the technical and innovative skills of young people."


      Prof. Ahmed Al-Minshawi, President of Assiut University, witnessed today, Thursday, the closing ceremony of the summer training for university students at the Information Technology Institute at the Institute’s headquarters in the Information Network, and the announcement of the beginning of the new training year.


       Prof. Al-Minshawi stressed the university’s dedication to provide all means of support and care for its scholars and researchers, creating the appropriate and distinguished environment that helps them demonstrate their creativity and real skills, and employ their scientific and research capabilities in supporting technological development, pointing out that the celebration is the culmination of the institute’s efforts in developing the technical and innovative skills of young people.


      Prof. Al-Minshawi appreciated the fruitful cooperation between the university and the Institute of Information Technology during the previous years, which is a model of integration between the educational process and training opportunities that qualified many university students, calling on students and young people to beware of the danger of fourth generation wars by being loyal to the homeland, trusting the institutions of the Egyptian state, and monitoring the efforts and work that take place on the homeland.