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Vice-President of Assiut University Participates in an International Conference Titled "First International Conference on Law and Health" at Badr University in Cairo

Dr. Shehata Gharib, Vice President of the University for Education and Students' Affairs, participated in an international conference titled "First International Conference on Law and Health" from July 17 to 18 under the patronage of Dr. Khaled Abdul Ghafar, Current Minister of Education and Scientific Research and Dr. Hassan Al-Qalla, Head of the Board of Trustees of Badr University, Dr. Fawzi Turki, President of Badr University in Cairo, Dr. Safieddin Kharbush, Former Minister of Youth, Dr. Issam Zanati, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Ahmed Makhlouf, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mohammed Tharut, Editorial Director of ‘Al Yom Al Sabea’, a number of researchers from Arab countries (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen) and many Egyptian researchers from various Egyptian universities.
Dr. Shehata Gharib presided over a scientific session titled "Legal Problems Regarding the Right to Health and the Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic" where he discussed a number of topics: the right of the newly-born to health care during the coronavirus pandemic, the legal system of stem cells banks, the precautionary measures practiced before vaccination, the international and national community role in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and its variants, the national efforts exerted to confront the coronavirus pandemic, and the contributions of the French justice system to promote the worker's right to mental health.
It is worth noting that the conference aim is to shed the light on the importance of the legal aspects of health and the related national and international commitments, and to highlight the compatibility of the public and governmental interest in the updates on the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent international and governmental cooperation.
Several topics were also discussed: the right to health in the Egyptian law "constitution - legislation", the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in drafting international health legislations and regulations, the medical responsibility of medical practitioners, the legal system of private medical institutions, the legal responsibility of medical drug producers and distributors, and the international and national experience in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic