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Assiut University President Signs a Collaboration Protocol with "Technospace," the Company Organizing the African Innovation and Technology Forum

Dr. Tarek El Gamal, Assiut University President, signed a joint collaboration protocol with the company organizing the African Innovation and Technology Forum, "Technospace Company", in the presence of Dr. Maha Ghanem, Vice-Chancellor of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. Adel Abdu, Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Director of the Integrated Technological, Scientific and Educational Complex project at the University, and Dr. Marwa Amara, CEO of "Technospace" and Executive Manager of the African Innovation and Technology Forum.

Dr. Tarek El Gamal revealed that the protocol aims to achieve synergy between the private sector and the university so that it can be an active member of the African Forum for Innovation and Technology which includes the representatives of many bodies, universities, schools and companies in Egypt, Africa, Europe and America; and to strengthen ties and cooperation with those African, Arabic and International universities.
Dr. Maha Ghanem pointed out that the university is eager to boost its record of achievements through participating in all scientific, technological, innovation and artificial intelligence-related events, and to encourage such events and spread the culture of innovation by directing its students and young researchers to participate in them in order to achieve the sustainable development goals and realize Egypt's Vision for Education 2030.

Dr. Adel Abdou stated that Assiut University will become, under this protocol, a founding member of the African Innovation and Technology Forum and a strategic partner of its board which will consequently contribute to the expansion of the university activity in Africa with its long scientific and practical experience in education and scientific research.

At the end of the Protocol's signing ceremony, the University President was presented with an honor shield by “Technospace” on the occasion of the close end of his legal presidency.