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The President of Assiut University issues a number of new decisions in the various universities

Dr. Ahmed El-Minshawy, Acting President of Assiut University, appointed Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Suleiman Mahmoud, Professor at the Department of Community Service, Faculty of Social Work, as Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, for a period of one year.  He also appointed Dr. Amr Ibrahim Abu Fedan, a lecturer in the Department of Urology and Reproductive Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, as Deputy Director of the International Academic Classification Office at Assiut University.
The president also assigned Dr. Ahmed Kamal Diab, a professor at the Department of Medical Parasitology at the Faculty of Medicine at the university, to supervise the scientific supervision of the Parasitology Department at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, for a period of one year. This is in addition to renewing the appointment of Dr. Amal Abdel Hafez, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, as Vice Dean of the Technical Institute of Nursing for a period of three years.