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Science PHD

Ph.D. Degree

Earning a prestigious degree of Ph.D. of science could form a pivotal change in your career path. Our Ph.D. students have the opportunity to conduct research with professional supervisors in their field. They will have access to many research facilities and will be able to grow and develop their critical and analytical skills.

Ph.D. in Mathematics Department

1. Ph.D. Degree in Pure Mathematics

2. Ph.D. Degree in Applied Mathematics

3. Ph.D. Degree in Mathematical Statistics

4. Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science

5. Ph.D. Degree in Scientific Computing

Ph.D. in Physics Department

1. Ph.D. Degree in Solid State Physics

2. Ph.D. Degree in Nanomaterials

3. Ph.D. Degree in Nuclear Physics

4. Ph.D. Degree in Radiation Physics

5. Ph.D. Degree in Plasma Physics

6. Ph.D. Degree in Laser Physics

7. Ph.D. Degree in Theoretical Physics

Ph.D. in Chemistry Department

1. Ph.D. Degree in Analytical Chemistry

2. Ph.D. Degree in Inorganic Chemistry

3. Ph.D. Degree in Physical Chemistry

4. Ph.D. Degree in Organic Chemistry

5. Ph.D. Degree in Biochemistry

Ph.D. in Geology Department

1- Ph.D. Degree in Applied Geophysics

2- Ph.D. Degree in Petroleum Geology

3- Ph.D. Degree in Stratigraphy & Micropalaeontology

4- Ph.D. Degree in Sedimentary Geology

5- Ph.D. Degree in Structural Geology

6- Ph.D. Degree in Hydrology

7- Ph.D. Degree in Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks

8- Ph.D. Degree in Ore & Economic Minerals

Ph.D. in Botany and Microbiology Department

1. Ph.D. Degree in Plant Physiology

2. Ph.D. Degree in Plant Ecology

3. Ph.D. Degree in Taxonomy of Flowering Plants and Flora of Egypt

4. Ph.D. Degree in Microbiology

Ph.D. in Zoology and Entomology Department

1. Ph.D. Degree in Cell Biology

2. Ph.D. Degree in Histology and Histochemistry

3. Ph.D. Degree in Invertebrates

4. Ph.D. Degree in Parasitology

5. Ph.D. Degree in Physiology

6. Ph.D. Degree in Fish Biology

7. Ph.D. Degree in Comparative anatomy and Embryology

8. Ph.D. in Immunology

9. Ph.D. in Entomology (Insect Physiology)

10. Ph.D. Degree in Insect Molecular Biology

11. Ph.D. Degree in Economic and Applied Entomology


Students must hold a M.Sc. degree in science from one of the faculties of science in Egypt or an equivalent qualification from an institute accepted by the university and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Studying system

12 Credit hours distributed over two semesters.  

  • Students can apply in January or September.
  • Students enrolled in January start their study in February and October and their exams begin in June and February.
  • Students enrolled in September start their study in October and February and their exams begin in February and June.     
  • The student must successfully pass the comprehensive qualifying exam for the Ph.D. degree.
  • The student must pass the TOEFL exam at a rate of at least 450 degrees before registering the research point of his Ph.D. thesis, Or a TOFEL equivalent certificate.
  • To get an approval for formulating the panel of examiners you must:
    • Publish two research papers in an international scientific journal, and the other research article may be published in a national scientific journal or as a full research article in proceedings of a national/international conference.
    • Must attend a scientific national/international conference and workshop in the field of specialization.