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Why study Computers and Information at AUN

Why Study Computers and Information at AUN?

This ever-changing field is constantly evolving as new forms of technology are introduced. That makes it a great choice if you want a dynamic career that will keep you learning and gaining new skills.By studying Computers and Information at AUN, you'll  benefit from learning the basics of logic, design, and engineering. A good foundation in these disciplines won’t just help you write code and de-bug software – they’ll help you in other areas of your life and studies, too. Computers and information sciences are critical to innovation in nearly all fields of endeavor and to the operation of practically any business, institution, organization and agency. At AUN we work on providing students with scientific research, graduate studies, and continuous learning for students in Egypt and the Arab world. We are always up to new trends in the field of information and automation mechanism through Future and Digital Library. Lastly we understand that the transition from High school to college is hard; therefore, we help our students by reducing their learning load in their first year and by spreading the curriculum over a four year period.