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Excellence In

Excellence In

Excellence In

  • 63 years of experience and excellence in Engineering academic fields, including Electrical Engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural engineering, and Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
  • The faculty was chosen as one of the six pioneering faculties from three universities that begin to introduce the internal system for quality assurance within the QAAP project under the supervision and follow-up of the National Committee to ensure the quality of education and accreditation.
  • Academic Engineering roots worked with group of Mediterranean countries in cooperation with the European Union on building the Academic Engineering Education System.
  • A well-equipped classrooms, labs, workshops, and libraries

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Department.

(12) laboratories, and includes (149) equipment and apparatus.

Civil Engineering Department.

(17) Laboratories, including (564) equipment and apparatus.

The Department of Electrical Engineering 

(11) Laboratories, including (1120) equipment and devices.

Architectural Engineering Department

(4) Laboratories, including (60) equipment.

Mechanical Engineering Department  

(16) Laboratories, including (510) equipment and devices.

The Faculty of Engineering workshops cover ten departments: Production, Carpentry, Teaching departments (production, carpentry workshop, teaching workshop, plumbing and plumbing works, scientific devices, electrical maintenance, and operation and measurement workshop). The workshops include 190 machines, measuring devices, and equipment.

Lastly, The Faculty of Engineering at AUN offers its students a Development Project

This development project of the Faculty of Engineering aims to improve the image and rank of the faculty of Engineering in AUN through

  • Improving the academic programs of the College.
  • Improving the process of teaching and education faculty.
  • Improving the education and tools.
  • Developing and increasing research activities.
  • Increasing the activities directed to the community.
  • Consolidating the concept and culture of continuous development of all the parties to the process

The UDFP provides the necessary financial support to achieve the strategic objectives of the faculty of engineering to enable it to compete locally, regionally, and internationally