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Journal of Engineering Sciences

Journal of Engineering Sciences

The Journal of Engineering Sciences (JES) is a scientific journal specializing in engineering fields. It is issued every two months by the Faculty of Engineering - Assiut University. The magazine adopts all that is new in the various engineering disciplines, while working to expand knowledge of these topics. The magazine covers all areas of engineering and all fields of applied engineering science which are part of the goals of the Faculty of Engineering at Assiut University. It conducts researches that covers the experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects that contribute to a clear understanding of engineering and applied engineering sciences or give an insight into engineering practices. Articles are  accepted for publication in the journal after its judging and acceptance by two specialized faculty members. Research published in the Engineering Sciences Journal (JES) is divided into five sections, according to the following classification:

-Civil Engineering with all its specialties.

-Electrical engineering in all its fields and computer engineering.

-Mechanical Engineering with all its specialties.

-Mechatronics Engineering

-Mining and Metallurgical Engineering in all its specialties.

-Architecture and interior design architecture

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