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Why study Engineering at AUN

Why study Engineering at AUN

  • One of the pioneering Engineering faculties that has encouraged conducting and publishing personal scientific researches as well as promoting the quality assurance approach.
  • The faculty is located in an extremely strategic location on the campus of Assiut University and that resulted in its being the nearest to all of the University services which saves time and effort and facilitates the educational, administrative, and research processes.
  • The very first Engineering faculty to be given an accreditation certificate from the National Authority of the Educational Quality Assurance.
  • The faculty’s infrastructure, properties, laboratories capacity and equipment comply perfectly with the global standards.
  • The efficient and effective existence of the academic staff’s assistance throughout the whole week.
  • Highly specialized libraries for each of the ten departments of the faculty, encompassing: Enough room for the students, books, encyclopedias and references, in addition to an E-library.
  • Well-equipped workshops of useful floor-space of 5200 sqm built specially for the students of the faculty of Engineering.
  • Highly specialized laboratories are provided to grant both the graduates and undergraduates the golden opportunity for training and development.

Choose AUN Faculty Of Engineering

  • At The faculty of Engineering-AUN, we offer you a great opportunity to grow, and we achieve this through having the following:

  • Our teaching staff are specialized in their fields and are active researchers.
  • AUN has a wide number of engineering research-rated academics.
  • The faculty of Engineering at AUN is the first Engineering faculty to obtain the certificate of the National Authority for quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education
  • The faculty of Engineering has powerful and strong links with the government; hence the government fund significant research projects.
  • Our commitment to teaching and research excellence is matched by our commitment to addressing social challenges through different research interests.