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Graduates unit

Graduates unit

The Graduate Affairs Unit is resulted from the development of the Graduates Affairs Office, which was one of the prominent administrative offices that were created partially separately from the Student Affairs Department to be concerned directly with following up on dealing with the Faculty’s alumni (recent graduates - old graduates) and to facilitate the various procedures required by it. Dealing with this unit after graduating from the BA.

This unit is affiliated with the Student Affairs Department, which is supervised and directed by the faculty’s Vice-Dean  for Education and Student Affairs, and the unit is concerned with following up the affairs of graduates and managing all the work associated with them that the graduate needs after completing his bachelor’s degree from obtaining certificates and receiving graduation certificates and other announcements On matters related to graduates, in addition to supporting and providing the necessary data to create a comprehensive database of graduates for graduates from the various scientific departments and submit it to faculty's information center.


We work on communicating with our graduate students in order to obtain the development in the educational process within the faculty. Graduates affairs department is main department that is partly separated from students’ affairs department.

Unit’s objective:

The main objective of the unit is to facilitate communication between graduates and the Faculty so that they can obtain certification services in an easy way and increase the alumni’s association with the Faculty by informing them of its activities such as seminars, conferences and specialized engineering courses and providing them with an opportunity to contribute to the educational and research advancement of the Faculty to keep pace with the changing needs of the labor market.