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The President of Assiut University Announces the Success of a Medical Team in Saving the Life of a Student at the Faculty of Law by Performing a Complicated Surgery to Transplant a Kidney with a Donated by his Brother and at the University’s Expense

Assiut University President Prof. Ahmed El Minshawy highlighted the success of a medical team at the Urology and Kidney Surgery Hospital in saving the life of a university student. This is at the expense of the institution, and is within the scope of the renowned medical services offered by the university.

Dr. Hisham Mukhtar Hammouda, Director of the Kidney Transplant Unit, revealed that Case No. 57 was of a young man who had been suffering from chronic kidney failure for 8 years and had been treated with hemodialysis 3 times a week since then, and this patient was suffering from chronic inflammation and complete kidney damage as a result of ureter reflux and a congenital defect resulting from a congenital defect. They were successfully duplicated, and the operation was completed. The ureter duplication, as well as the bifurcation and extension of the artery of the donor kidney (the right kidney) beneath the inferior vena cava, were effectively treated.