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Assiut University Announces no Increase in University Dormitory Expenses for the Academic year 2022/2023

Prof. Ahmed Al -Minshawi, Acting of the President of Assiut University, announced that there is no increase in university dorms expenses for the academic year 2023/2022, in order to ensure the keenness of the university administration to reduce economic burdens on students and their families, as the university is expected to bear the burdens of increases in the cost of residence of the student in university dorms.
Prof. Ahmed Abdel -Mawla, Acting of the Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, added that university dorms can accommodate about 11 thousand students and that they end their preparations to receive old students, and those admitted to the new academic year and work at full capacity after the completion of maintenance, replacement and renewal in all the dorms' buildings.