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Assiut University President Is Going to Attend a Workshop on "Admission to Research Projects" Tomorrow

Dr. Ahmed El Minshawy, Acting President of Assiut University, is going to attend, tomorrow; Thursday, 15th September, a workshop on "Admission to Research Projects" at the seminar hall in the administrative building.
Dr. Ahmed El Minshawy states that holding the workshop comes out of the university administration’s efforts to support and sponsor researchers and create a suitable research environment therefor, adding that tomorrow’s workshop is aimed at introducing researchers to the Office of Research Projects Management and the services provided thereby, as well as introducing donors. The workshop also includes a training session to clarify how to write project proposals (STDF), under the supervision of Dr. Abdul Rahman Haider, Executive Director of the Office of Research Projects Management, and Mr. Abdul Azim Sami, Financial and Administrative Director of the Office.