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Assiut University President Inspects the University Services Marketing Center to Follow up the Works of Students Submission to Assiut National University

Dr. Ahmed El Minshawy, Acting President of Assiut University, emphasizes the university administration’s keenness to facilitate all submission steps and enrollment procedures of students admitted to study in the faculties of Assiut National University, including allocation of the Office of Marketing University Services in the administrative building of Assiut University to be a headquarters for receiving Assiut National University students and their parents for completion of the required procedures without the need to go to the university headquarters in the New Assiut City.
This comes during the inspection tour by university president to follow up the submission of students admitted to study at one of the faculties of Assiut National University, as Dr. Ahmed El Minshawy directes all admitted students to quickly go to the University Services Marketing Center to complete their enrollment procedures and pay the tuition fees, emphasizing that the academic year at Assiut University and Assiut National University will start according to the official time scheduled to be on the 1st of October of this year. In response to the demands of some students and parents regarding allocation of accommodation opportunities for Assiut National University students, Assiut University President indicates that the matter is being studied and the necessary measures are taken for the benefit of the students and to ensure facilitation therefor.