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Apply to study in Faculty of Computers and Information

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Apply to study in the Faculty of  Computers and Information

For undergraduates:

Students spend 4 years (8 semesters) to receive a Bachelor degree in Computers and Information. It’s a credit hours system. To obtain a bachelor degree in any of the departments, the student is required pass 144 credit hours over a period of at least eight semesters, divided into four academic years. The student chooses a Major after finishing 72 hours. If the student is willing to choose a sub major, he must pass additional 15 credit hours (Total 87 hours).

To qualify for admission, applicants must complete all secondary school graduation requirements and submit all required documents before the set deadlines. Here are the  papers required to join the faculty of Computers and Information at AUN:

  1. Original Thanaweyya Amma Certificate or certified original “مستخرج رسمي”
  2. Original Birth Certificate
  3. 11 passport size recent, personal photos
  4. The original military ID for male students who are above 19 years (Namouzag 6 Gond)
  5. Military Service Form (Namouzag 2 Gond),  for Egyptian male students only
  6. A copy of the students’ ID card.
  7. A Medical report stamped by the Medical sector of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education

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For the students who want to join the English Sector should have the following:

  1. Fluent English
  2. Must pay the fees upon submitting the application (3415 EGP) and In case of non-acceptance, the fees are returned.