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Quality Assurance & Accreditation unit

Unit Mission

The unit seeks to provide the facilities for the continuous development of the faculty to meet the rapid scientific and technological developments, improve performance and raise the faculty graduates to the level of excellence and local and regional competitiveness.

Unit Vision

A distinguished and effective quality assurance unit between among the Egyptian and regional Universities


The strategic goals of the unit

The unit aims to evaluate University performance, develop the educational and research process, community service and environmental development through the following sub-objectives:
* Applying the University’s strategy regarding quality – at the faculty level – which includes the mission, vision, goals and objectives, as well as the directives issued by the University’s Quality Assurance Center in this regard.
* Evaluation of the educational process by measuring the performance indicators of the inputs and outputs of the educational process (faculty - staff - students - graduates .... etc.)
* Designing and preparing forms or tools that are necessary for evaluation to include evaluation mechanisms and standards and procedural steps to implement the quality assurance system in both its academic and institutional aspects ...........


The beginning of the unit

The Quality Assurance Unit was established at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University, and approved by the decision of the Faculty Council No. (421) on 10/26/2004, and the appointment of a director for the unit based on the decision of Professor Dr. / Dean of the Faculty on (3/5/2008). Room No. (504) was allocated on the fifth floor in the administrative building of the faculty, and it was equipped with the necessary distinguished human cadres and material equipment required for the nature of the unit’s work. The name of the unit was also changed to the Quality Assurance Unit, and this change was approved by the Faculty Council No. (560) dated (21/9/2010) According to this decision, the unit is considered within the internal organizational structure of the Faculty and is affiliated to Professor Dr. / Dean of the Faculty.