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About Faculty of Commerce


About - AUN Commerce Faculty

Welcome to Faculty of Commerce

Faculty Mission

The Faculty of Commerce at Assiut University provides access to sources of advanced knowledge and cultures in order to develop outstanding and qualified cadres who are able to comply with the demands of the labor market. The Faculty of Commerce aims to provide opportunities for scientific research, graduate studies, and continuous education for students in Egypt and the Arab world.

Faculty Vision

Aspiring to become an academic reference by quality assurance in education, training, graduate studies, and community service. In addition to being always ready to cope with the rapid change and development in areas of specialization locally and internationally.

Growth and Expansion

From 1963 till today, the pathway was not an easy one; It was filled with hard work, belief, and dedication to achieve all our goals and to graduate cadres who are able to stand out in the labor market. Prof Dr. Mohamed Hamdy El Nashar was the first dean of the faculty of Commerce. In 1966/ 1967, the number of graduates from the faculty of commerce was 120 graduates. Then in 2007, the number of graduates was 1219. Now, it reached 40,000 graduates.

When the faculty first opened, it only offered Bachelor degree and postgraduate studies. Now, it offers Bachelor degree in English and a credit hours system. 

Values and Goals

The main goals of the Faculty of Commerce at AUN is to deliver practical and theoretical business knowledge and solutions to our students and staff and to continue to generate high quality research outputs.

The objectives of the Faculty include:

  • Graduating cadres who are capable of working at different organizations and are able to meet the demands of the labor market.
  • Preparing distinguished scholars by offering new and distinct graduate programs.
  • Developing highly qualified staff who are dedicated to their profession and who are equipped to utilize modern methods and technology in the delivery of knowledge in their fields of specialization.
  • Improving students' applied skills.

history of  AUN Commerce

History (Faculty Story)

The Faculty of Commerce at Assiut University was established by Republican Decree 3201 of 1963,

In October 1963, the study began, and it was the first faculty of commerce in Upper Egypt and the fourth in Egypt.

Later in the academic year 1977, the departments of statistics, Mathematics, and insurance and Political science were established. Since then the faculty of commerce at AUN has been offering five major specializations which are 

  1. Accounting
  2. Business administration
  3. Economics and Finance
  4. political science
  5. Statistics, Mathematics, and Insurance.

Granting a bachelor’s degree, masters, and doctoral degrees in each department, in addition to fifteen other diplomas in the field of graduate studies. Then in the academic year 1994/1995, An English study program opened which granted a Bachelor's degree in commerce in the Accounting and Business divisions. The number of graduates from Commerce faculty at AUN has reached 43,000 graduates in the past years.

The faculty of commerce at AUN now offers a variety of programs and courses of study and advanced training in these fields. With its qualified staff, the faculty of commerce at AUN contributes in community service and environment development by providing consultations and training in the areas mentioned with full commitment and adherence to the ethical and scientific values.