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Education and Student Affairs Sector

Education and Student Affairs Sector


The academic programs for bachelor’s degree

First year (general) First year.pdf (general)

The second year (general) Second year.pdf (general)

Political Science section Second year.pdf (political)

Economics Section Second year.pdf (economy)

Third Year (general) Third year.pdf (general)

Political Science Section Third year.pdf (political)

Economics Section Third year.pdf (economy)

Fourth Year fourth year.pdf (general)

Accounting Section Fourth year.pdf (accounting)

Administration Section Fourth Year.pdf (Administration)

Economy Section fourth year.pdf (economy)


Schedules of the second semester lectures for the academic year 2019 /2020

First Year (group A)

First year B

First Year English Section

Second Year Group A

Second Year Group B

Second Year English Section

Second Year Political Science

Third year group A

Third Year group B

Third Year English Section

Third Year political Science

Third Year Economic

Fourth Year Administration English Section

Fourth Year administration

Fourth Year part-time

Fourth Year Full-time

Fourth year insurance section

Fourth year political science

Fourth year accounting English section

Previous exams:

previous exams.pdf

Obtaining the university card


  • The student must go to the Student Affairs Department to obtain a payment permission from the authorized employee.
  • The student must pay the fees in the faculty treasury at the beginning of the school year.
  • The student must write an identification document through the faculty’s security office.
  • The Student Affairs Department takes charge of completing the student card after the student brings his/her personal photo.

Admission requirements (English Section):

  • The nominated students are only accepted this year through the Coordination Office.
  • Obtaining at least (40) degrees in English Language (first language).
  • The acceptance of enrollment applications begins on the date announced at the beginning of each academic year.

Required documents:

  • A copy of the high school certificate.
  • A copy of the nomination card or a copy of the faculty transfer application.
  • To pay the required fees upon submitting the application (3415.50 pounds)
  • In case of rejection, fees will be refunded<.

Transferring terms and steps:

  1. The student wishing to transfer from one faculty to another must go to the Central Student Affairs Administration to fill out the transfer application after paying a fee of 40 pounds + 60 pounds for an educational service stamp.
  2. The Central Student Affairs Department shall send the approval attached with the request of the student for transfer, specifying the name of the faculty to which he is transferring.
  3. The Student Affairs Department at the faculty makes a status statement and sends the original copy to the faculty the student wishes to be transfer to by mail, with a copy of the statement.
  4. In the case of the consent of the faculty to which the student is transferred, the approval of the student shall be sent for transfer.
  5. The Student Affairs Department sends the file based on the approval received from the Faculty of Commerce from the faculty to which it is transferred.

Conditions for joining different section

  1. For the second year – full-time - directed part-time.
  • The enrollment is available in the political science and economics departments.
  • To join either of these two sections, the student must be enrolled in the section and freshman in the same year
  • The student who fails the second year may not join any section.
  1. For the fourth year – full-time - directed part-time.
  • Enrollment is available in accounting, administration, and insurance departments.
  • The student must be enrolled in the fourth division in the same year.
  • It is not permissible for students who has fail the fourth division to transfer from the section he/she was originally enrolled into another section.

Conditions for obtaining registration certificate


  1. The student must write an application on behalf of Prof. Dean of the Faculty.
  2. That the applicant should specify in his application the authority to which the registration certificate is presented
  3. The student must provide an educational service stamp of twenty pounds on the application.
  4. The student must write a security document with the request through the security office.
  5. The Student Affairs Administration receives the application from the student and submits it to the Director of Student Affairs for approval by Prof. Dean of the Faculty.
  6. The authorized employee shall issue, approve, and deliver the certificate to the student.


Fees for the English Language Section fees English section.pdf

  • Fees full-time undergraduate (Arabic section): 170.50 pounds + 20 stamps, and a graduation certificate fee of 67 pounds for fourth year students.
  • University fees for directed part-time students (Arabic section): 530.50 pounds + 20 stamps, and the graduation certificate fee fee of 67 pounds for fourth year students

Required documents

  • Graduation Certificate (temporary).
  • High-school certificate/statement.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Military statement.
  • 6 personal photos.
  • An approval statement of the student’s workplace (for employees) or an admission of a full-time study. 

 First: New system

The exam is taken in all the fourth year courses according to the modern system.

Second: old system

  1. Any course exam of the fourth year follows the new system.
  2. Taking the exams of the subjects eligible for the fourth year, which are:




An introduction to Computer

Second year


Intermediate Accounting

Third years


Crisis Management

Third year


Second semester subjects



Management behavior

First year


Computer languages

Second year


Auditing assets

Third year


Management of markets and investment organizations

Third year

Article (13) of the faculty’s internal regulations states the following:

As for the sections in which the specialization starts from the second year, the year in which the student is enrolled is determined based on the proposal of the relevant department council and the approval of the college council, provided that the student in this case is committed to studying all the courses that he/she has not previously studied in addition to his commitment to study all the courses of the fourth year

Postgraduate students

Enrollment conditions:

  1. University Graduation Certificate (Temporary Certificate).
  2. High School Certificate (Success statement).
  3. Birth certificate (original or official extract).
  4. Military service certificate (original or extract).
  5. Number of 6 personal photos.
  6. The approval of the employer if the applicant is an employee, or a full-time approval for study.
  7. Fees to be paid:
  • Directed affiliation fee of 530.50 + EGP 20 stamp = 573.15 EGP
  • Enrollment fee of 5,000 + 10 EGP for the application