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Quality assurance Unit

Quality assurance Unit

About the Unit

  • This Unit has been constructed at the faculty in 2004.
  • The unit is located on the fourth floor of the administrative building of the faculty.
  • It is equipped with computers, printers, internet, scanners, copying machines, and data show devices.
  • The unit’s role has been activated at the faculty, after the faculty’s involvement in settling a system for affirmation of quality and approval project in (March 2008- August 2009).
  • Details about this project will be mentioned later, after introducing the unit and its roles.

Unit’s hierarchy

Dean of the Unit

Administrative cooperators:

  • 1 Administrator
  • 1 Data entry
  • 1 Employee

Board of directors of the Unit:

  • 8 staff members
  • 4 staff member’s cooperators
  • 1 administrator
  • 1 male student, 1 female student
  • 1 or 2 external experts

 The unit’s roles:

The unit is concerned with: 

  1. Implementing the strategy of quality approval at the University that the unit sets and the University Council accredits regarding the faculty’s role, departments, administrative units, and special units at the faculty. In addition to applying the needed mechanisms to be done inside the faculty.
  2. Applying the mechanisms that lead to quality approval inside the faculty, for example:
  • Specifing the academic programs, courses of the first year and post-graduate studies stage, reports of the courses and programs of each year and annual report of the faculty. Improving the staff members training using and filling of the designed models as well as setting working plans to avoid drawbacks in the program and courses.
  • Adding the academic guidelines and revising marks for different programs for the faculty\institute.

The Board of Directors are assisted:

  • Manager and administrator (experienced ones)
  • Secretary
  • Accountant specialist
  • Networks specialist
  • Electronic files specialist
  • Data entry
  • 2 employees


Due to the widening and complications of commercial activities and movement of business organizations towards growing, due to privatization. Moreover, the Egyptian government is focusing on market economics as a new economic policy. Therefore, it is important for the faculty of commerce to have an internal system to assure quality, as an orientation for reaching local and international accreditation in order to confront the challenges resulted from economic changes in the international labor market. Hence, it is very important for the offered programs to follow up these changes through a specific system to assure quality preparing to be accredit in the future locally and regionally. 

 General Goals

  • Enabling the faculty to keep the quality of the performance regarding the educational and research process and community service.
  • Assuring quality improvement inside the faculty, through following the mechanisms and procedures that quality system provides.

Outputs of Quality Internal System

  • Setting the faculty’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.
  • Setting the strategic plan of the faculty and what results from it including, training plans, scientific research, and environment development.
  • Preparing the faculty’s data unit ( Faculty’s database)
  • Preparing annual reports for programs and courses in both terms (First- second)
  • Setting mechanisms for editing quality inside the faculty regarding the educational and research process and community services.

Profiteers from the Quality System

  • Faculty students (more than 10 thousand students).
  • Staff members, with a total number of 78 members, and their assisstants, with total number 73 members.
  • The administrative system at the faculty.
  • The surrounding community in business organizations and governmental authorities, which will receive professional graduates with high level of quality in development and improvement courses and educational ways.